Someone called my center about having Armageddon?

So you had one of our armageddon administrators call you up or send you an email asking (if not begging) to host a portion of armageddon at your center. Us armageddon folks are a passionate bunch from many different lasertag systems.  Armageddon holds no affiliation to any lasertag system. The administrator for this year’s armageddon has been playing lasertag for over 20 years.  He has played in different lasertag tournaments in numerous systems. He does not work for any lasertag system and, while he may have preferences for certain aspects of a system, feels that every system is enjoyable if played competitively.

What do you need from our center?
We feel that you can figure out if you are the best if you play every other team in each system. That means at least 20 games (10 minute, depends on the system) games (8 player teams.. so 16 on the field) will need to be played at your center. Because we like to try and match national tournament rule settings as close as possible, we may request that the game settings be configured. You will receive these configurations in advance. We try to be unobtrusive as possible to your daily business, we understand that you are in yoru line of work for profit and appreciate what are you are considering for armageddon. It is an intense schedule. The players at this tournament are experienced lasertag players and will be on deck and responsive to game summons. Ideally, we would like to have some sort of data download for the game data, this makes it much easier for us to keep statistics.  Understanding that this may not always be possible,the Armageddon stat keepers will need access to the score cards before they are handed out to the player.  Also, at Armageddon 2006, we had a film director follow us and compile footage for a lasertag documentary that she is producing.  With your permission, we would like to allow her to film at your center.  The entry fee for this years armageddon is $300 each person.  With this money, we will have to pay for the following items:

Transportation – Charter Bus from BWI, PA, MD,  Gas, Hotels for Bus Driver for 3 days
Hotels – At least 20 rooms for at least 3 nights.
The hotels and transportation take a huge chunk of this. In order to make this work,
we ask each center to provide whatever help they are willing to give. Of course, the
centers will receive compensation for allowing us to have a portion of armageddon at their center.
Paying by the game makes this impossible. The best way to make this affordable for Armageddon is an
hourly rate at the center.

So what do I get out of it?
We will negotiate a price that you are comfortable with. Of course, if the price is too high, it becomes impossible to have Armageddon at your center. We rarely break even on this tournament. Aside from the ‘philanthropic’ aspects of supporting cross-system lasertag as a whole, you will receive income from the
business that will be brought in to your center by people playing in practice games while training for this tournament. If you have video games, a food court, and other attractions, you will receive other income as the players spend money on these attractions. You will also receive other benefits if you generously choose to host armageddon at your center as stated below. If you choose to allow us to host armageddon in your host center, you will receive the following benefits:

Free exposure for your center to a group of players from across the world.
An unbiased rating of your center in the forums section on this website (and several other websites that are friends of armageddon).  Your centers address, phone, and/or email address, text spelled to your satisfaction, on the back of our tournament TShirt font If you choose to allow us to have armageddon at your center for $100/hr, you will be considered a gold sponsor and, in addition to the above benefits, you will receive
Bold lettering in any font requested on the back of the T-Shirts to your satisfaction. A spot on the gold sponsor page on this website, with more details about your center.

A free Armageddon TShirt font If you choose to let us have armageddon at your center for $70/hr, you will be considered a Platinum sponsor.  In addition to the above benefits, you will receive:Ornate outlines, and prominent placement, and bigger font around your center on the back of the T-Shirt. A page on this website, with details such as history, opening, sq foot, floor plans (anything we can obtain from you 🙂 ) and if you desire, an owners/manager interview printed on website.

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