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What is Armageddon?

Armageddon is a multi-format lasertag tournament.  Multi-Format?  That means that multiple lasertag systems are represented.  Each team competes against each other team once in each system represented in the tournament.  Teams are dominant in the systems they routinely play in national tournaments for,  but in those systems that they are inexperienced at,  they have to use raw ingenuity and team work to defeat those that are equally less experienced in the system. 

I am an International Player! I hear there is a discount if I pay early? Tell me about this!

If you pay by 01/05 (May 1st) and are a first time US Armageddon player, you can play for $200.
If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, please email me at admin@a20xx.com for details!

What if I want my own room? (or a room with my kinky bromance?)

Email me at admin@a20xx.com and we can discuss specifics. If you tell me before 4/01 (or 01/4 for you Europeans),
I will add the cost of an extra room to your fee and handle all those specific for you.  You are essentially paying for the extra room for 3 nights at the armageddon group rate.  This runs about $60 – $80 per night (depending on what we get the room for, so that would be an additional $180 – $240).

How do I pay for the deposit and the event fee?

Please use the payment form on this website.  There is a fair amount of automation tied to it that will make my life much easier.  Ready to pay?  Click Here

Can I have an alternate? What are the rules for an alternate?

Each team will be allowed 1 alternate.
The alternate will pay $190 instead of $300. Why so much? Because if I was an alternate, and I am paying that much, I will make sure I will get some playing time (and not just in my specialized center). Each player must play at least 33% of the games in the tournament.

What about teams? How many teams will be allowed to play this year? How many players per team?

There will be a maximum of 6 teams playing this year.  I could be talked into including more teams if I had everyone’s payment by 8/01.
The team size this year will be 6 players per team.

What about the nights I fly in and out? Are these covered?

Ideally, I would like to cover these with the entry fee, but this may not be possible. So, plan on paying for your lodging on the 26th and the 30th.
The budget for this years Armageddon will be openly displayed on this website, so if there is money left over, it will be used to
1) reimburse me for incorporating the new company sponsoring the tournament and
2) covering the costs for the hotel these 2 nights.

225? What is included in the entry fee?

How many games? Because everybody plays every other team, you are guaranteed the same amount of games as everyone else. It is a function of how many centers and how many teams we have? The less teams we have, the longer the game times.

A worst scenerio: If we have 6 centers with 6 teams, we will play 5 games* 6 centers for a total of 30 games (this works out to about 6.70 per game.. this is a little less than the average game of lasertag most centers.. and you get your hotel and bus covered!). It deal only gets better from here, so as you can see, this is one of the best deals in LaserTag. The price of this years Armageddon has included a quality charter bus. Last year proved that the bus us the way to go.

The price of the tournament includes:

1. Cost of all lasertag
2. TShirt – a high quality hand spun custom tshirt design specifically for this year
3. Transportation between centers on a quality coach
4. Hotel on Night 1,2,3 (meaning Fri-Sat, Sat-Sun, Sun-Mon)

You will have to cover your own night 0 and 4 (Thurs-Fri, Mon-Tues),  the reason is that if every ones pays into the tournament,  then everyone should have “use” of that money that was paid into.  A fair amount of people are not there on Night 0 and 4, so it would be unfair to charge everyone for that.  Unless there is additional money in the budget and we can make it convenient for everyone on Night 0 🙂

What systems are going to be represented this year?

Center negotiations are on going. The systems that will be represented will be at least 6 of the following list (in alphabetical order). I will include odds as to the chance and status of the system.

While 9 would be awesome, I am not sure we have enough time in 4 days to do them all. We will probably cap it at 8 events. Note that until I have a deposit paid to the center or a contact with them, I will not put 100%, because that would be lying. Note that every year, I try to focus on a few systems that I feel get the shaft the previous years. This year, we happen to have some quality people that can make sure the experience on a particular system will be as solid as it can possibly be. The location will provide a quality Blast and Force system.   We will attempt to properly represent Zone this year.  I am pulling these numbers out of my colon, but they give you an idea of where each system is in relation to each other. One bad negotiation can make it %0, keep that in mind. We will not have 9 systems. Also, given 2 systems, decisions will have to be made that will allow for the smoothest tournament possible. For example, if every other system gives us $100 rate and system D gives us a $9999 rate and a 4 AM game time, then obviously we will have to drop system D (even if we have 7 System D teams).

Laser Force – 95% – depends on the cost
Laser Quest – 95% – somewhat likely
LaserTron – 80%
UltraZone (Infusion) – 80% – far away, but quality if we can make it that far
Laser Storm – 50% – Depends on the what the locals can find us in the area
Laser Blast – 50% – we have people from Blast Corp scoping the best centers for us
Tactical- 50% – possible lead on terrific equipment at a good price
QZar – 30%
Delta Strike – ?
LaserMaxx – ?

What if I don’t have a team? Can I still play?

Register on this site and post on the forums! You will surely be picked up. However, last year, I had to play the bad guy and actually turn people away. Even those who paid their deposit. Why? Well, because there were a few people that did pay their deposit that were not wanted by any teams. So, I am giving preference in the following order:

1. People who have paid full amount that are on teams
2. People who have paid a deposit that are on teams
3. People who have paid a full amount that are not on teams
4. People who have paid a deposit that are not on teams

Note that if you have previously played armageddon and both if you have paid a deposit, all things equal, preference will be given to the player with more armageddon experience. If you want to guarantee that you are on a team, find 8 deposits and form your own team as quickly as possible.

Again, preferences will be given to previous participants of Armageddon (with weight given the amount of years played).

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