The Global Armageddon tournament scene is a multi-format lasertag tournament that started in 2000 and is currently running in the US, UK, Sweden and Russia.  Our main channel of communication is Facebook,  so join our facebook group!

1/2/2015 – Payment System Active – Accepting registration
2/28/2015 – Last day of early registration pricing and free special custom t-shirt
4/1/2015 – Last day registration (this will be a hard date,  I will be negotiating with cash this year)
6/25/2015 (11 PM) – Armageddon 2015 Begins
6/29/2015 – Armageddon 2015 Ends

Players Handbook: –
Overall Results -
Game/Player Stats –

We communicate on our forums also, if you wish to join our forums, let us know on our facebook group as we are inundated with spam.  Send an email to register[at] and we will get you added.

Have any questions about this years armageddon?
What is Armageddon?
Where is it held this year?
How much is it and what do I get for that price?
All these are answered and more in the FAQ:  Please go to the FAQ link above or click here

Everyone must fill out a waiver to participate in this years armageddon.  If you are a minor,  you MUST have your parent fill out a waiver.
Waivers can be filled out online by going to:

Who is rumored to be on which team?  Find out by clicking here

Do you wish to register for this event?  Do it now by clicking here!!!

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