The Global Armageddon tournament scene is a multi-format lasertag tournament that started in 2000 and is currently running in the US, UK, Sweden and Russia.  Our main channel of communication is Facebook,  so join our facebook group!

Players Handbook:
Score Board:

We communicate on our forums also, if you wish to join our forums, let us know on our facebook group as we are inundated with spam.  Send an email to register[at] and we will get you added.

Have any questions about this years armageddon?
What is Armageddon?
Where is it held this year?
How much is it and what do I get for that price?
All these are answered and more in the FAQ:  Please go to the FAQ link above or click here

Everyone must fill out a waiver to participate in this years armageddon.  If you are a minor,  you MUST have your parent fill out a waiver.
Waivers can be filled out online by going to:

Current Schedule

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